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Looking for the missing warmth & comfort in the midst of a global pandemic, our fragrance-loving founder, Fatema, switched from lamps and lights to wick and soy wax; marking the beginning of her adventurous and fun-loving candle-making journey.


Fatema comes from a family involved in the business of Attars and Perfumes and recalls having an innate desire to work with fragrances that she grew around as a kid. Hence, it’s no surprise that although she worked previously in the field of branding & advertising, her one foot was always in perfumery and aromas.


It was during the lockdown of 2020, that she curated, crafted, and coaxed.  Classic scents took the shape of beautiful candles and she knew she was on to something. She then had an epiphany that resulted in changing the course of her career and kicking off her entrepreneurship escapade.


Watching her at her best, one afternoon, her mother said “Tum jo bhi kaam karti ho, usme chaar chaand laga deti ho” she took this to her heart and ‘fourmoons’ (chaar chaand in hindi) was born. Soon, hand-spun scents and intoxicating fragrances filled the room and her idea took off.


​Fatema is as passionate about her art as she is about her clients and the environment. She had no doubts from the very beginning that she only wanted to create candles that were environmentally friendly and free of any toxins. Unlike other paraffin candles, fourmoons candles are made out of 100% natural soy wax. Soy is a vegetable commonly found in many of the foods we eat. To make wax, the soybean is cleaned, cracked, and made into flakes. From this, the oil is pulled out and made into a solid, creamy wax ready 


Each luxuriously textured candle is finely hand-poured at her studio. Known for its unique fragrance portfolio, these aromas are subtle, evocative, and eclectic.


The smell of all fourmoons candles stimulates the part of our brains that is connected to memory and mood. From boosting energy to relieving stress or enhancing mental clarity, the healing properties coming from a fourmoons candle can deliver efficacious psychological effects.


With our signature scents, candle-lovers can choose their favorite fantastic fragrances that define and describe their very own essence and personality.


In case you were wondering, Fatema smells like a cedar forest rolled into a sweet, smoky, Vanilla leaf.

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